Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time for reading. I devour books when I go on holiday; there is nothing better than sitting by the pool drinking your favourite cocktail and immersing yourself in a beautiful story. Normally I don’t find much time to read books which is why I have created myself a summer reading list (no excuses Frankie…). Here is a list of books I will be reading over summer, and I cannot wait! Continue reading


Afternoon Tea | Bettys, Harrogate

I had a lovely weekend visiting friends in Harrogate. Being the biggest afternoon tea fan, I thought I’d blog about my experience at the classic Bettys Tea Rooms. If you’re in Yorkshire and you’re like me and love trying new places, I strongly suggest checking Bettys out if you haven’t already. If you love your afternoon tea, read me!
Continue reading

Natural Skincare | Believa UK

I’m thrilled that Believa UK contacted me, I’ve loved trying products from their natural skincare range. I have extremely sensitive skin, I suffer with atopic eczema, spots and my skin has a tendency to get very dry. Thus, I am always on the look out for new natural products to try, whether that be moisturisers, foods, drinks, supplements…you name it, if it might improve my skin, I’ll try it! I hadn’t heard of Believa before, but I am very glad I have now. If you are looking for natural products for your skin, I am going to review two moisturisers that could be perfect for you. Continue reading

5 Foods for Clearer Skin | Eczema, Allergies, Acne

If you follow my posts, you’ll know I strongly believe that diet can play a huge part in the way our skin looks and behaves. As an eczema and allergies sufferer, I am keen to eat foods which help to heal my skin. I have experimented with my diet over the last year and this has made noticeable improvements and made my troublesome skin more manageable. In this post I will discuss 5 foods which are great for my bad skin. Continue reading