Why I am Turning Vegan

Eczema. For the last 3 years I have tried every steroid cream, moisturiser and antihistamine that I can get my hands on. Nothing has healed my skin. It’s time to see if following a plant based diet can heal my body from the inside out. Continue reading


Films For a Rainy Day

These are my favourite film picks for those days where you just want to sit on the sofa with Ben and Jerry, a cosy blanket and a large glass of wine. It doesn’t have to actually be raining to enjoy these films, it could be that you are in a rainy mood, or you’re planning a well deserved lazy day, or you have come down sick… or you just simply want to enjoy a movie night. Here goes! Continue reading

July Goals

I normally set myself monthly goals. Achieving them is another matter. I thought putting them into a blog post may give me that added push I need to actually get off my bum and start achieving! Hopefully it’ll motivate you to set some monthly goals too :). These are usually based around fitness, food and lifestyle. Continue reading

Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time for reading. I devour books when I go on holiday; there is nothing better than sitting by the pool drinking your favourite cocktail and immersing yourself in a beautiful story. Normally I don’t find much time to read books which is why I have created myself a summer reading list (no excuses Frankie…). Here is a list of books I will be reading over summer, and I cannot wait! Continue reading