My First Parkrun

I love exercising and keeping fit, but sometimes my motivation is, let’s just a say, a little non-existent. I don’t know about you, but I find working out with other people way more motivating and a lot more interesting.

A few people have told me to try out the parkrun before, but I’ve always been too nervous to give it a go. Today, I plucked up the courage and did my first one.

Before I dive into my experience, I thought I’d start with some background on the event. The parkrun is a weekly timed 5k run, starting at 9am, in loads of open spaces across the country. It’s free to enter and it’s volunteer led. In fact, you don’t have to enter you can just turn up and run. Here is a list of parkrun locations.

So, onto my experience. My biggest fear today, with no running training under my belt, was losing miserably. This was a silly fear, my favourite thing about the run was actually the diversity of the runners. Over 200 people made up of the old, young, fast, slow, fat, skinny, children, dogs…everyone has a place at the parkrun.

I woke up at 7am and had a banana, coco pops and a cup of tea. Admittedly not the healthiest choice but I’m not trying to be Mo Farah or anything! I arrived at the parkrun at 8 30am and did 20 minutes of jogging to warm up. I freaked out a bit when I saw runners with compression socks and Club vests but I soon calmed down on the start line when I was surrounded by more ‘amateur’ people like myself.

At 8 55 i stood at the back of the group on the startline and tried to blend in as much as I could. Bang on 9am we were off. I actually could have started somewhere in the middle of the pack as it took me a while to overtake the walkers and the ladies jogging with the dogs. However, it felt good to be running past people, even if they were walking! At the 2k mark, I never thought I’d be able to make it to the end, I was so tired. But I persevered and finished in 27 minutes..In my opinion, not a bad time for the first time..Even if I was beaten by a 10 year old (I’ll get ya next time)!

Even though I suffer with eczema and asthma and find running quite challenging, I loved my parkrun experience. I’m going to make every effort to do these every/every other week. I’ll let you know when I get my ’50 parkruns’ t-shirt ;).


It’s great that it’s at the same time, same place every week and that there are loads of lovely like-minded people to chat to.

I recommend this event to everyone. Whatever your fitness level and whatever your goals, there’s a space for you at the parkrun and it will stay there until you decide to fill it.

What’s your experience of the parkrun?

Frankie x


15 thoughts on “My First Parkrun

  1. Glad to hear you have found parkrun frankie I am the proud owner of a 100 t-shirt . I alternate each week running a volunteering now and must say I get as much enjoyment cheering people on and encouraging every single runner. I hope you make it a regular Saturday morning rutual now you will find a great friendly community of runners and non- runners. Hope to see you on a parkrun sometime and remember dfyb (don’t forget your barcode) ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‘

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Oh wow 100, that’s such an achievement!

      I think the event is brilliant and all you volunteers are amazing for making it happen, I’ll definitely consider it after my first few runs.

      I didn’t have a barcode with me today unfortuntely but I will definitely make sure I take one on my next one. Thanks for the reminder!!



  2. I’ve been doing parkrun for nearly 7 years now but I can still remember the buzz when I was only just getting started. I hadn’t done any running in 20 years so it seemed very new and a real challenge. Running has now become a regular part of each week and 5k has become 10k then half marathon and now marathon. All things I’d never have dreamt of doing but when you meet like minded people, anything can happen! All the best getting to your first 50 parkruns.

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    1. Thank you very much! Oh wow, I hope to be like you one day ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to get the stage where I’ve completed a 10k, half marathon and a marathon. Good luck achieving your next running goal! Xx


  3. I also started doing parkruns end of last year. Here in South Africa, they start at 08:00, so getting up early on a Saturday isn’t always the best thing, but the accomplished feeling you get afterwards is so worth it! It really is such a supportive event, and no matter your fitness level, goals, or body type, you always feel welcome at parkrun. I’ve started to become fitter and I’m trying to encourage as many people as possible to join in. It’s a fantastic community-driven initiative to better health and fitness.

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    1. Oh great, well done for being so motivated!! Wow, at least starting at 8 means you are up and awake ready for a productive day.

      I agree, I hope to encourage some of my friends to come along. Everyone that does the parkrun seems so friendly and encouraging ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


  4. I’m new to your blog and I loved reading this post! I’ve just been on the park run website and found one in a park near me, and thinking of signing up, so thankyou for inspiring me! I’ve done a few runs in the past, one 5k and one 6k, and I’m doing another 5k colour run this month so I think this would be perfect for improving my time and getting fitter x I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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  5. 50 parkruns!! That’s amazing I’m just starting to get into them! I’ve ran other races but parkruns are on all the time and so my resolution this year was to participate in them frequently enough to keep me going when I’m not training for a race. Congratulations on your achievement !


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