Films For a Rainy Day

These are my favourite film picks for those days where you just want to sit on the sofa with Ben and Jerry, a cosy blanket and a large glass of wine. It doesn’t have to actually be raining to enjoy these films, it could be that you are in a rainy mood, or you’re planning a well deserved lazy day, or you have come down sick… or you just simply want to enjoy a movie night. Here goes!
Olympus Has Fallen

This is a great action movie and still has me on the edge of my seat despite having watched it a few times already. Gerard Butler is great as Mike Banning and you grow to love the character throughout the film. This is a great pick when with a group of friends as I feel it can appeal to everyone. Sorry if it doesn’t appeal to you, but on the plus side, you can just sit and drool over how manly Mike is! (beautiful man).

White Chicks

This film makes me laugh so so much! I’m quite picky when it comes to funny films, but this one is awesome. I think this is a good film to watch by yourself, with fam or friends, or with your partner – I watched it with my boyfriend and we laughed so hard together (aww cute). If you haven’t seen it, basically Shawn and Marlon Wayans, who play FBI agents, make a few mistakes on duty and are forced to dress up as white women to save their skin. Amazing!!

Harry Potter

Any of the Harry Potter films. I love Harry Potter and I hope you do too! The films always brighten my day :), not ashamed to admit that I have rewatched them them too many times *HP fan till I die*.

The Other Woman

This is such a feel good rom com and really makes me laugh. The actresses are amazing (Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton) and this film has so much girl power. Definitely one you can watch over and over again!

27 dresses

Same as above, really easy going and a fun rom com to add to the film list.

School of Rock

Absolute classic. You’re never too old to enjoy School of Rock, thanks Jack Black. Also, if you are a fan of the film too, really funny to Google what all the (then) kids are doing now!

I obviously love loads of films but this this post is already getting quite long! What are your favourite movie night picks?

Frankie x


12 thoughts on “Films For a Rainy Day

  1. Thank you for this. I haven’t seen half of the movies you listed so i may look them up.
    If I may suggest “Life As We Know It”, “About Time” and “The Proposal” are pretty good too.

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  2. All great films! Okay, I didn’t like 27 dresses, but other than that it’s a great list. I like to think of these films as sleepover films. I don’t actually have sleepovers much these days, but you get the idea, they are films that you can sit and watch and enjoy with your friends and not get too irritated if people talk over them occasionally and you don’t have to pay 100% attention to all the time to understand what’s going on: sleepover films.

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