(Another) Boots Haul

I went to Boots today. Whoops! If you read my last Boots Haul you’ll know I love the shop and struggle to go in without purchasing anything. Life’s too short to deprive myself of shopping, am I right?! So… here is what I bought (with the money I don’t have)!


Boots Power dryer 2000W

I’m definitely a ‘leave my hair to dry naturally’ kind of person. However, I have long hair and it takes a long time to dry. So, I thought it would be good to have a cheap hair dryer handy for those days when I’m in a rush!

Boots Scrunchies

I’m obsessed with scrunchies at the moment. Got these two to add to my growing collection! I love the velvet feel of these boots ones – I think they look super cute in a high ponytail!

TRESemme Salon Finish Hairspray

Got the tresemme one to celebrate our new Prime minister Theresa May (and because it’s on offer)! Also, I broke my old Hairspray…has anyone else had this problem where you still have loads of Hairspray left but the liquid sinks to the bottom and then nothing comes out when you press it?! I don’t even know how I did it!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Not going to lie, I buy a new bottle whenever I see it’s on offer. Can never have too much!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco

I’ve talked about my love for Argan Oil on my blog before. The Redken Argan Oil is still my favourite and is still going strong in my handbag! I saw the Lee Stafford one was on offer in Boots and thought I’d give it a go, especially as I plan to start blow drying my hair more. It says it protects hair, makes it shiney and adds volume, so excited to try it!


I really like L’Oreal makeup. As I have sensitive skin, I like to stick to the brands which I know don’t affect my skin. Plus, it was 3 for 2!

Super Liner Superstar 

I’ve not tried this before, but I got it because I personally prefer black liquid eyeliners with a thin nib, I find it easier to draw neat lines – especially when it comes to wings! I’m hoping this one will be a good one!

Telescopic Mascara

I recently tried the Volume Million Lashes Mascara. It’s fine and I am enjoying using it, however, I find the brush a bit thick and I find it a bit clumpy – especially because I have really long and dark eyelashes anyway. I bought the Telescopic Mascara today because it is my all time fave mascara. If you like more of a narrow brush that doesn’t hold too much liquid and makes your lashes look ridiculously long, but natural at the same time, I suggest trying this one! It makes me eyelashes look so much better and doesn’t make my lashes clump together.

L’oreal True Match Foundation

I know I love the True Match foundation so thought I’d re-purchase it! I got it in the shade ‘Ivory’ as my skin is really light but has a yellowy tinge. I recently bought the Infallible 24H foundation – it is fine but the shade I bought it in is too dark for my skin, so I’m either going to put it by for when I’m more tanned, or mix it with my new one.

Have you used any of the products I bought today? I’d love to know your experiences with them!

Frankie x


19 thoughts on “(Another) Boots Haul

  1. I love a good haul, it’s so interesting to see what other people buy! I always reach for a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo, I swear by it. I find applying liquid eyeliners really hard, so I may have a go with the superliner superstar one.

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  2. I’ve never heard of Boots before! But I am the same way in Target! The only difference is that I know we can’t afford stuff so I don’t even bother trying to buy anything. I just look at stuff and long to win the lottery. Haha!

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  3. Yup I’m the same with the equivalent here which is Clicks or Dischem. That Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best thing that’s happened to me in the last year! (Only a slight exaggeration. Maybe.) I’ve got three cans of it in stock at the moment plus a little one in my handbag. Lifesaver!

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