How to Start Your Day in a Positive Way

How I start my morning can make a huge difference to how the rest of my day goes. There are a few things I like to do in the morning which help me to have a better day – I would like to share them with you!

Drink water

Sipping on cold water as soon as I get up helps me to slowly wake up and feel refreshed. I personally don’t like chugging a whole glass at once – slowly sipping works fine for me!

Green Tea

Alongside my water, I like to have a lemon green tea. Ifind this really comforting and I think I’ve associated drinking it with ‘it’s time to wake up’ – tricked my brain almost!

Eat breakfast

This is so important. If I skip breakfast I find it hard to concentrate and can find myself getting a bit cranky (great word!). If you don’t have much time in the mornings, you can always make a healthy breakfast smoothie the night before and have breakfast on the go – I quite often do this!

Fresh air

So often we start our mornings driving to work and then sitting inside all day, before we know it it’s the evening and we haven’t had any proper fresh air yet. Going for a 15 minute walk before we start our day can help boost our happiness levels and get our metabolism going before the day even starts.


Doing yoga first thing is SO great! I don’t do this every morning, but when I do, it makes me feel so much more positive. It’s relaxing and makes my body feel all nice and ready to smash the day. I also enjoy going for a run first thing in the morning.


Whilst in the shower or putting my makeup on, I love to play one of my favourite albums to sing along to. If it’s too quiet in the morning I just feel so sleepy and want to jump back into bed. Music makes me slightly less depressed about being awake so early, too!


Wakes me up, freshens me up, gets me moving…ya know the drill.

Give yourself time to get ready

I personally don’t like setting my alarm 5 minutes before I have to be out the door. Giving myself enough time to do my hair and makeup automatically improves my mood.

I hope you like my tips. What little things do you do in the morning to ensure you have a good day?!

Frankie x


19 thoughts on “How to Start Your Day in a Positive Way

  1. Omg our mornings are practically the same! I have water and music everyday because that’s essential. Another thing that I do to start off the day is plan, and make a list of blogging ideas etc!

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