June Favourites

Wait, how is it July?! I don’t remember seeing any sunshine? I could rabbit on for ages about the rubbish weather and how quickly time is going, but enough with the clichéd negativity! Here are some of my favourites from June!20160701_094624.jpgCoaster

Love my coaster, it totally SPEAKS THE TRUTH! (It must do as it was a present from my parents). Any fellow lefties agree?!

20160701_095052.jpgCenterparcs tins

I went to Centerparcs with my family earlier this year. Mum heard me say that I liked these little storage tins. Being the cutie she is, she snuck back in the shop and bought them for me! All through June I have used them for hair grips and other bits – so handy!

20160701_095139.jpgKurt Geiger slip on shoes

Amazing summer shoes which I have been obsessed with all month. I got these in an outlet shop so they were reasonably priced. They remind me of Van slip-ons, just less pricey. They look super cute with jeans and a tank top, or summer shorts and a top.

98c18e52d3a77493626394eda241979d9e7341f646c743ea47012de132296139.jpgDexter series

Ok, I’m a bit late to party here…but Dexter is amazing! Been totally addicted this month, watched so much of it. Oops!

20160624_111654 (1)Believa natural skin care body lotion and care cream

I have been loving these two natural moisturisers recently, I posted a review earlier this month. They are great for anyone who wants to use natural products on their skin, or anyone with eczema or sensitive skin.

20160701_094725.jpgTesco eye drops

June = hello hay fever. These eye drops from Tesco are cheap and great at soothing my eyes throughout the day. What a fantastically interesting favourite, thanks Frankie…

20160625_124305Bettys Tea Rooms

If you follow my posts you’ll know I went to Harrogate last weekend and visited Bettys Tea Rooms. I love afternoon tea so much, so I was definitely in my element at Bettys. Couldn’t not include it in my favourites! You can read more about it here :).

That’s all – sorry my favourites have been so random this month!! Have you been loving any of the above?!

Frankie x


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